What we do and who we are


We are an all-in-one service to get your home on the market, weather you are selling or want to rent your home as a holiday destination. With clever styling techniques and an incredible eye for detail, we are focussing on making a difference to your home and make it stand out from the rest!

We can suggest ideas in terms of airbnb-ing a room or your entire home. We assist with airbnb hosting, from getting your home ready for airbnb, photography, styling, copywriting to meeting your tenant, making them feel welcome, looking after them while in your home, and getting ready for the next client. We are the whole package!


If you are selling your home, we do not work like most styling companies, who remove all your furniture, put it into storage and bring their own items on a weekly hire basis. We are using your furniture to style your property for that unique look that will attract people to your home. We want the purchaser to fall in love with your individual home and its character. Hire-Furniture-Homes often look the same, and have a lot less character than homes with their "true and belonging" furniture.


We will assist you in making the correct changes to your home, by giving you ideas from street appeal, room presentation, and room flow, from the entry door all the way to the back yard. Together we will put your home on stage and transform it to its maximum potential.

We have the ideas and experience to make a difference and there is

quality in every step we do!



Our background


It's been 25 years since I left Hamburg in Germany and made the big move to Sydney.


My degrees in Garment Engineering and Tailoring and my experience with some of Germany's top designers led me to Ho-Chi-Minh-City where I met my Australian husband.


I focused on my career as a production manager in the garment industry until 15 years ago, when I discovered my passion for Real Estate and Home Improvements. Highly skilled in all aspects of problem-solving techniques, combined with a huge dose of creativity, I easily adapted my talents to the home renovating and decorating industry. 


Together with my husband I bought and sold several homes in Sydney, that all needed transformation from ruins to castles, always with fairly tight budgets. The aim was to never over capitalise, but to transform the homes only cosmetically where possible. When it came to selling, we trusted our own instincts and styled the homes for maximum capital gain.


We achieved outstanding sales results and profits due to an impeccable eye for detail and my unique way of presenting a home for a sale.


My past employment with one of Sydney's leading Real Estate Agencies has given me another level of insight into home presentation and maximising value.


Settled down in Birchgrove at last, I am funnelling my endless energy levels and my urge to create spaces that inspire into HOME DRESS UP.


Working with me during busy days is my assistant Mia (also my daughter). Mia has a degree in Spatial Design from UNSW.


We are here to help you get the most from your home and with our positive "can-do approach" we will make sure to bring happy outcomes!