Testimonial of Oliver S., 67 Ballast Point Rd. Birchgrove


"In an incredibly short time Kat transformed the interior of our house to make it charmingly photogenic and very appealing for inspections. With simple but clever ideas I would never have thought of, she used our existing furniture to great effect. Stroke of genius to swap dining table in kitchen for a smaller one and open up the kitchen space!  You'd be mad not to get her round. A fresh pair of tasteful eyes can work wonders for less than you'd think."

Testimonial of Rachel H, 25 Curtis Rd. Balmain


"I just wanted to thank you. I would never have managed without your amazing help."

Kerry Thorn

5/11 Elizabeth Bay Crescent

Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011


20 May 2014


Sometimes things are just meant to be. I was preparing a very large four-story mansion terrace house in Roslyn Gardens for sale. I had owned the home for fourteen years and was quite attached to both the grand rooms and my furniture and things that I felt just seemed to fit in the spaces.


Our real estate agent recommended I talk to a couple of companies who would create the look that would make the property easy to sell! This I did and was quite shocked with both the price and the look that was suggested! The proposal was to remove all of my belongings, put those into storage for how ever long necessary to sell the property, and replace with their (boring) furniture and knickknacks, for what I thought was quite a price (over $12,000) for the 4 week campaign.


The property market for these large houses is not buoyant and it needs a very special person to buy this sort of property; fourteen foot ceilings, grand spaces, lots of stairs over four floors, no car parking, no view.


I accidently came across an email from Katrin, and she had signed it, Home Dress-Up. This caught my attention, so I inquired what that meant.


And, Katrin did just that. She had a good look at the home, and recreated an absolutely lovely, simple yet pleasing look that everyone loved. She is very clever. Katrin made the spaces, using all my things, just look so inviting, and it cost very little. For very small cost to me she added and took just what was needed to make the home very inviting.


I highly recommend Katrin to help you create your special spaces.


Kerry Thorn

Phone: 0414 375425




57 Clyde St, North Bondi


The best thing about engaging Katrin Conolly's expertise to get my house ready for sale, is that she took the stress out of this daunting process.

A couple of weeks before taking the marketing photos, Katrin came around and left me with a precise list of what to do to improve the look of the house, together with useful recommendations of how to do this in the least costly way.


Closer to the date Katrin came equipped with a plethora of beautiful small furnishing pieces, which she bought on my behalf after setting a budget. Being gifted with an astute sense of how to create stunning visual effects.

Katrin managed to transform my house into a luxury abode I didn't recognise myself. The whole process went incredibly fast as Katrin is also a fast working, hands-on and resourceful person. Any last-minute small handy man job - like hanging a picture - she would do there and then, so there was no frustrating delay. As a result the transformation of my place went within hours and left me feeling confident and relaxed about the presentation of my house.


She was on my side during the photo-shoot and before the first opening, giving the last touches to her work. All in all she helped me greatly in keeping the cost down for a terrific presentation of the place and prevented me from stressing out about the whole process. The real-estate agents were thrilled. They couldn't believe the before and after transformation.


Sabine M, North Bondi

Phone number on request





Testimonial by AirBnB Client

We used Home Dress-Up to get one of our properties on Airbnb as a second
 income stream. We knew exactly what to do after Kat consulted us: we de-cluttered,
 sorted, styled and sold items on ebay as per her instructions.


1 week later she took amazing photos. We were on Airbnb within 1 hour and 
had our first enquiry 2 hours later, with our first booking the same day.

 Since then we have been very busy with bookings and are thrilled with the 
service Kat provided.
 She is hands-on, very creative and has fast and practical solutions for 
every situation.
 We needed someone as passionate as Kat to come in and tell us what to
 do, to get started.
 Because of her help the daunting process of getting a house ready for a 
tenant was taken care of and it was much easier and faster than we expected.

 Her business is filling an incredibly needed niche for the combined service
 of styling and photography!
 If you have a room or whole house to lease or sell, or are looking for a 
home swap, professional images of beautifully styled spaces are the
 center-piece of your marketing campaign.
 We would highly recommend her services! 


Linda, Balmain

0432 544 503



From a happy vendor


If you have children or a very busy life you need to employ Katrin from Home Dress-up! We experienced stress-free selling, with 100% confidence that our home was presented to its maximum potential.


Katrin prepared our home for the photoshoot with incredible artistic style and ingenuity. She hired minimal furniture, keeping most of ours and rearranging it, which saved us a lot of money for furniture hire and storage costs. She achieved a unique look that was so much more interesting and beautiful than a complete hire furniture package.

She is a brilliant artist! Her creativity completely transformed our home in a way we couldn’t have imagined- and she managed the whole process!


The feedback from the agent was that the new appearance perfectly suited the market, and that all potential buyers during the open homes were very impressed with the presentation.


Throughout the entire sales period we lived our lives as normal: we left our home to visit friends and family for a few hours, knowing that Katrin will wave her magic wand and when we came home we knew we had a superbly presented open home, which she immediately child proofed after the inspections, so we could just return as if nothing happened.


During the process of decluttering and styling the house, Katrin and her team always worked around my hours with the children, which made it very easy for me. Her warm and friendly character is a pleasure to have around.


I don’t know how I would have done it without her. I highly recommend her to style your home and manage the entire process of photo shoot, open homes and auction day.


Home Dress-Up took the stress out of the sales process. Congratulations for finding this urgently needed market niche, to help us busy mothers selling a home!


Naomi R., 26 Montague St, Balmain


Katrin transformed our home and how we live in it, but more importantly she helped make it a happier place to live. I cannot believe how much her simple (but genius) advice transformed how we live and helped make our house a happy home. We were having problems with use of space and the furnishing of our home- with three kids under 10, we were struggling to make it comfortable, practical and stylish at the same time. We not only needed to re-claim some grown-up space from the kids (they had taken over the entire home leaving the parents tripping over toys in every room), but make it beautiful.  To be frank, we thought this to be incompatible with having a young and energetic family!

Katrin has a very positive and outgoing attitude and really listened to what we had to say and wanted…. she came to our house, sat with us and just listened.  Then she met the kids and saw how they played in the house.   A few days later, Katrin came back with not just ideas, but solutions. She never tried to push her ideas on us, just gently recommended things. She is very practical in her approach, can think around corners and has a great sense of style. She also gave us great ideas and suggestions on where to buy furniture and at reasonable prices.  Katrin's taste and judgement for matching spaces with how you furnish them with quality, beautiful furnishings (on budget) made the whole experience a reality.  We will definitely be using Katrin's help when we come to sell our home.

Paul Wenck


Office:  +61 93278759

Mobile: +61 400538411





Katrin helped us when we sold our house and moved while we were overseas.


Without hesitation I would recommend Katrin to take care of any and every aspect of your house renovation, sale and/or move. She has a great sense of style, and at the same time can keep an eye on your budget. She is capable, efficient, and effective, and able to maintain good communication.


She was involved in all stages: from the start of the agents campaign to our possessions being safely deposited in our new house. Right from the start she helped with the initial setup for the photo shoot, then she kept up the superb presentation for the home opens and maintained a good relationship with the agent at all times. After a speedy and successful sale she packed up the smaller items, co-ordinated the movers and the cleaning up so we were confident the house had been left in good condition for the new owners. She supervised our move into storage, and even reminded us when it was time to organise the move out of storage into our new place. She also made calls to the agent we were buying from and our lawyer when we were unable to contact them due to timing issues.


At every stage during the process I have been impressed with Katrin's friendly efficiency. She has used her experience with styling and selling houses to our advantage.


Alexandra Bruce

Former Birchgrove Resident

July 2012