We host  your property

when you can't



We only work with a handful of clients on the Balmain Peninsula and pride ourselves of offering a high end boutique service to select clients! This means piece of mind when you are away and cannot organise your airbnb guest swap over- 


You can stay in charge: we assist by co-hosting when you are away and we are on call when needed as your "right arm" when you need extra help. 


You can put us in charge: we do everything from styling, photography, copywriting and launching your home on airbnb.

We do all the work for you while you can sit back and relax!



We are happy meeting your tenants, greeting them, making them comfortable with your home, making them feel welcome. 

We will be on call 24/7, problem solving any issues (we are very handy!) and we will transform your home ready for the next tenant. We will clean, wash, rinse, sweep, drape, and style your home to perfection, ready in full glory for the new tenant. You name your special need for your home and we will look after it! We are always aiming for 100% client satisfaction!


Call us on 0425 222 702 for a chat and discuss your hosting needs-